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Price Is Right Construction assists our clients in overcoming complicated construction site work situations and the risks associated with construction projects utilizing practical knowledge and experience.


Damage Prevention Is a Shared Responsibility

Digging any project safely should always begin with a call to your One Call System most state laws require this call, and it is normally free. 1. Know the Hazards. 2. Recognize unsafe conditions. 3. Respond Immediately. 



Excavation and Demolition Standards

Call before you dig call 811 or your local One Call System. Wait the required time, generally 48 to 72 hours depending on your state requirements. Respect the marks, flags, paint or other markers (normally yellow for pipelines). Excavate and demo with care, pothole or hand dig to determine exact location of pipelines and other utilities.


Property Safety 

Our team takes all precautions to protect your property for unnecessary damage. You understand that our work does involve removing material and will cause damage to the area working on. We will do all we can to make you aware of the area that will be affected by our equipment. 

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